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How Does A Dumpster Delivery Work In Portland?

Are you considering using a dumpster for removing some huge junk from your home or office but unsure of how to proceed? Just contact Spotless Dumpster Rental and we will be right there to park the dumpster conveniently along or in the driveway and evacuate the junk through a simple and customer-friendly procedure. The steps towards a successful dumpster delivery, are;

Make the right arrangement for the right dumpster

Please get in touch with Spotless Dumpster Rental to request dumpster rental near you. If you are unsure of the right size for evacuation of the junk, then you can have one of our staffs to check it out and recommend the right dumpster.

Prepare for the delivery of the dumpster

Timeliness is one of our main principles at Spotless Dumpster Rental. You can rest assured that we will strictly adhere to the pickup and drop off time schedules. When you make a booking for a dumpster, you need to include the pickup and drop off location and then we will provide you with an honest obligation-free quote that is affordable.

Make sure you pick an area of the home or office that is readily accessible and convenient for the dumpster, this will ensure that your yard, driveway, and lawn, are protected from any likely damage. Make sure the dumpster you choose can fit smoothly into your driveway.

Fill the dumpster with the junk

Once we have delivered the dumpster, you can fill it up with the junk. We don’t have as many restrictions like many other commercial dumpsters as per what you can fill into the dumpster, as long as the dumpster can contain everything. Couches, mattress, furniture, and every other household or office items can easily fit into our dumpsters especially when we help you choose the right size for your needs. You can also rely on your dumpsters for your construction junks and electronic wastes.

The commitment of Spotless Dumpster Rental to a green and sustainable environment is the reason why we are dedicated to providing prompt and reliable service.

Prepare yourself for the pickup time

We are always on time for any pickup, hence we will deliver the dumpster within the time frame you make bookings. We will call you some minutes before the pickup time and if you want to extend the pickup delivery, please make sure you let us know. If you need to extend your service by renting another dumpster, you should also contact us and we will deliver.

Make a payment on your invoice

Once we have received your bookings, we will forward an invoice to you. We bill customers first for the initial rental. After your rental, your waste is disposed and you will receive a receipt from the city dump for you payment. Spotless Dumpster Rental offers 100% reliable dumpster service, please give us a call today!

Just Spotless.

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