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How Illegal Dumping Affects The Community And Environment

It’s not uncommon to come across a misplaced mound of trash when driving down a road or walking through an open field; we’ve all seen it. Illegal dumping (also known as open dumping, midnight dumping, or fly dumping) is when waste is dumped in an area where it is not permitted. Because this can have a harmful influence on communities and the environment, it’s critical to dispose of it properly. Illegal dumping affects the environment in many ways. Although it is hard to distinguish an illegal dumper, more often than not the culprits end up being construction/demolition/roofing contractors, auto and tire shops, waste-management businesses, junkyards, and even residents of the local community.

Why Illegal Dumping Can Be a Hazard

  • Inappropriate disposal of tires can cause a breeding ground for mosquitoes, spreading diseases and putting local residents, wildlife, and pets in danger.

  • Disposing of commercial and industrial chemicals in an irresponsible manner can have an impact on the land and even drinking water, potentially causing agricultural concerns.

  • Hazardous waste products, such as asbestos, can build up and become airborne, posing a health risk to people and animals, as well as causing breathing problems and lung cancer.

  • Broken glass, rusted nails, and other items can be found in appliances and furniture, posing a threat to even people who intend to properly dispose of the waste once it has been dumped.

  • Burning illegally discarded junk poses a serious threat to communities and the environment. Long-term exposure to these vapors can result in a variety of problems, including asthma, migraines, dizziness, nausea, cancer, and other respiratory and cardiovascular problems. Not to mention the chemicals that would wreak havoc on the environment.

Spotless Dumpster Rental in Portland Can Help!

The best way to dispose of undesired large quantities of waste is by hiring a junk removal company or renting a dumpster. Fortunately, there are businesses that can help you and others be more responsible when disposing of their junk. Spotless dumpster rental in Portland has affordable plans and excellent service.

We at SDR let you rent a dumpster so that you can do your part when disposing of all your junk instead of endangering the environment and your local community. Next time you’re thinking about disposing of massive quantities of waste, think of SDR – offering the best dumpster rental in Portland.

Just Spotless.

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